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Discover, weekly, how to stay up to date on fashion with our Nuribel blog posts where, thanks to our advice, you will know how to combine cuts to the latest in colors, for example, through the latest trends in makeup and hairstyle. .. Essential!

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The power of gold

16 September, 2019

Hi, girls! How happy we are to be with you again and to return with a powerful #post like this one where we are going to reflect on “The power of gold”, about the new collection of our line, #NuribelFallWinter, already in full operation thinking about the autumn-winter that, shortly, we will have over. An […]

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The Glamour of the Party

29 July, 2019

Dear readers of our blog, today we are going to approach some models that, thinking about weddings and parties, are going to turn us into the center of all glances… Dresses that constitute really important pieces for our wardrobe and that are very close to what Haute Couture is… Ready? We start with the subtlety […]

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Prints to the power!

18 July, 2019

Hello ladies! How are you today? In the meantime, looking at our garments, we’ve realized that if something gives points to a model, it’s a good print. With attention grabbing motifs you’ve got most of the look done. And that’s what happens with the models we propose below. In this occasion the protagonism resides on […]

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The elegance of greys

16 July, 2019

Very good! How are you this week? In summer, more than in any other season, there is a color that, in terms of elegance, is absolutely the protagonist… We’re talking about greys! It’s a chromatic range that allows many combinations and brings simplicity to original prints. That’s why today we’re going over some of our […]

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Short dresses: a bold safe bet on our brand Style

4 July, 2019

Hello girls! Welcome to a new post on our blog. Today we’re going to talk about a bet for sure, although, yes, with some boldness. Of course, we’re talking about the minifalderos dresses. Those that are infallible to fight the heat and to be divine in our day to day. Celeste, with the drawing of […]

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“Light blue. Like the sky” 

25 June, 2019

Hello ladies! How are you? We are ready to tell you all the secrets of the light blue colour… The colour of the sky and the sea which, in fashion, is associated with trust, intelligence and professionalism. Not to mention that, in summer, it is very “chic”. In the first place we propose you a […]

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The infallible elegance of black

Hello everyone! Today’s post is very special because it is dedicated only to talking about black. How to combine it and which garments are the best to look elegant and “glamorous” like nobody else… Pay attention because we give you all the “tips” of this infallible color. If the dress is black and is glued […]

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