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Nuribel Couture, Press,


8 February, 2019

Spanish bridal fashion has no limits, being famous in the world for the careful details in the dresses. At #NuribelCouture we know that, and if not, see how spectacular the model Ana Rivas looks in “El Heraldo de Chiapas” our dresses. Milagrosa Grimaldi (Cádiz) bets on us and exhibits our designs in her fashion show and, both the nuptial ones with all the back covered by a game of laces and transparencies, as well as the ones at night have enamored the person in charge of this establishment and the select clientele that follows it.

A turquoise with an exposed back and shoulders, or a black and white monkey with a shiny decoration on the chest are also protagonists of the “Fashion Set” of this newspaper where, from the cover, the media interest generated by our brand is demonstrated.

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