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18 January, 2019

Norma Duval triumphed in the ‘Premios Favoritos 2018’ celebrated by the magazine “Sevilla Magazine” with a dress by Nuribel. Gilded, girded to the body and gleaming, the model embellished her throughout the night in a gala during which she received the award for ‘La más querida’. And it is that Norma, you win the public as you want. “This recognition fills me, even more, with love for Seville, a city I adore, as I have shown throughout my entire career. Here I have been very happy: with my children, at the Feria de Abril, working … “, he told the attendees at the Cortijo Morera y Vallejo. In addition, Duval confessed to being considered very “chicken” of their own and have too much energy. “I was born from the inside, from the soul, and from knowing, from the morning, that I have many things to do and that you have to be strong and to be there. In the face of adversity, better be positive. That, at least, is my vital motto. We all have bad and hard times, but we have to keep going. In spite of everything, life is wonderful. ” Now he is preparing a theater show in which he will share a poster with Andoni Ferreño, thus returning to the stage, his natural habitat.

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