Hairstyles to triumph at any party

Hello, everybody! How are you? After several weeks of proposing outfits to go to parties and communions, today it’s time to show you how you can wear your head… That’s right, we’re talking about the trending hairstyles of this spring season!

Loose hair can sometimes be annoying, especially if it’s for an all-day event. In these cases, there’s nothing better than the traditional ponytail to avoid the heat of being in the sun because it also serves to stylize the neck and clear the face of the bangs.

Straight and back. A well-kept long mane looks great if you iron it and comb it without leaving a lock in front of your shoulders. A very Andalusian look that conveys a stately impression with any garment you wear, such as, for example, this asymmetrical red monkey.

The collected ones will never go out of style. Proof of this is the ‘chic’ touch provided by this low bow with waves. A simple but elegant bet that allows the whole back to stand out without covering the style of the dress… You can go comfortable and fashionable!

This option is similar to the previous one, but with a more classic bow and loose bangs with waves. Ideal if you wear a garment with the back uncovered or with transparent fabrics. Leave the neck in sight in a bet for sensuality that, along with sophistication, are the keys to success.

So much for our options for your hair. And it is that the hairstyle is a fundamental part to feel comfortable with our image and your choice is just as important as that of the dress itself. Now it’s up to you to decide and answer the question we were asking you… Are you more hairy or loose? We read to you!

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