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María José Montiel

16 September, 2019

Nuribel is a company much sought after by many artists, among them, María José Montiel, who has opted for two of our garments in her latest performance. The mezzo-soprano wore a beautiful burgundy red dress with a wide neckline and long skirt accompanied by a delicate shawl of the same shade. Another “look” with which the artist dazzled was a set that marked her silhouette with a black skirt and an original back neckline that exposes the back with a central golden straps.  Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator

It is an honour for a woman like María José to bet on our styles, bringing fashion closer to lyrics. Montiel has a professional career linked to the world of song and the National Music Award she received in 2015 guarantees the success she has been reaping throughout her career. This summer he caused a sensation with his performance at the Merida Festival with the biblical story of Samson and Delilah.

Her next projects include the interpretation he is preparing together with the pianist Iván Martín, a cycle of themes in verse in homage to the Galician poet Rosalía de Castro. Without a doubt, it will be another triumph in María José’s career.

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