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Nuribel Couture wide on the catwalks

27 November, 2018

HELLO Ladies!, we are very proud of all the adventures we had have live in this months ago, including the MOMAD Metropolis catwalk in Madrid, where the public could see our dresses very closely and #NuribelCouture had a special recognition, among others, by of Norma Duval, assistant among our guests.

There was great expectation of the attendees, and this dress with a long blue skirt and a sweetheart neckline, adorned with a pastel pink flower at the waist, opened the catwalk.

The gold and transparencies were also present in the MOMAD with this long and tight look of #NuribelCouture.

Our models swept on the catwalk and this photo shows it. See how this option looks in simple neutral white, but elegant.

Finally … a family photo with all our range of options displayed on the catwalk! What is your favorite?

These have been some imagens of the great experience of the MOMAD Metropolis of Madrid, where the new collection of #NuribelCouture was very well received … They are instants of happiness that we share with you and that precede others that will surely arrive soon.

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