We are already in spring!

Hello everyone! The best time of the year has come: start to see the colorful models that the #NuribelCollection spring collection has prepared for us. Oranges, reds, whites, roses … and floral motives as protagonists! We love seeing how fashion adapts to each season of the year and how we follow in their footsteps. Next, a review of the new season …

We leave the sober tones behind and we bet on the light of the orange with this oriental look that, adjusted to the waist by a big fuchsia pink bow, we can combine it with green heels to match the pattern. With wide sleeves and leg opening, it is the best way to say ‘hello’ to good weather.

And for the more daring we bet on a monkey, with a wide cut and black and white stripes whose elephant leg has a red rose pattern ideal for any day event (communions, baptisms, fairs …). A stylized figure and a peaked neckline is the result of the good work in clothing that fits so much to what is to come …

Let everyone know what we like a flower and how to say it better than wearing this stunning long dress, with a red top and a skirt full of colorful roses. With drooping shoulders and a shiny ornament at the waist, it fits over the body and opens to the middle of the skirt, causing an effect that will not go unnoticed in any party that appreciates.

Spring is also a good time to bet on the simplicity and clarity of white. This mini dress defines it perfectly: short, with a ruffle at the bottom and sleeves with a long length. Put on a red heel and show off the blue trim with bright flower-shaped beads … with lots of glamors!

Anyway, you see: thousands of different ways to combine that, in one way or another, put that point of distinction and differentiation that our cabinets need … This is called entering the spring in style thanks to #NuribelCollection!

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