White and celestial communions

Who hasn’t been thinking about what to wear for that communion we have around the corner? Well, we bring you the quickest solution: to choose among some of these carefully chosen models so as not to clash that day. The main colours, on this occasion, are white and light blue.

Simplicity, elegance and wide sleeves. This dress is our first proposal, with airs of Greek Goddess. A model decorated on the chest with embroidery of red roses and golden details that gives off the majesty we seek. In addition, with a ring and black heels, we can complete this careful look.

We love the game that gives the light blue to the white! This creates a bit of fresh tones with a pair of elephant leg pants and a loose blouse with bulky sleeves. The touch? A ribbon-shaped belt that unifies the whole… You’d be ready to go comfortable and elegant!

In the same line of light blue tones, we bring you this tight pattern if you want to go even more arranged to the event. The boat neckline never goes out of fashion and, in addition, we add these original sleeves that start from the shoulder and widen at the end to half an arm. As the icing on the cake, a subtle golden touch with a brooch at the waist…

If what you are looking for is a printed dress with drooping shoulders, this is yours! The key, for communion, is to find some drawings that are not too flashy and, with this option, you would be right. Silver flowers in relief on a celestial background create a classic but effective model.

We hope we have helped you but, in the end, always remember that in this type of event, less is more. So tell us, which is your favorite?

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