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Christmas Eve Special with Nuribel Fall Winter

20 December, 2019

Hi, girls! How have you been this week? We’ll be back another Thursday with a new post on our blog. One of the most beautiful and special nights of the year and of all Christmas is coming up, the longed-for Christmas Eve.

For this special, family-friendly pre-Christmas night, we’d like to bring you some ideas from our Fall Winter collection that will bring you elegance as well as comfort and versatility.

We already showed you in the previous posts designs with typical colors of this time of the year like red or black, but this time we are going to present you two different colors and with which you will really manage to impact in your family Christmas Eve dinners.

The first design we have chosen to present to you, is a pair of trousers in gold colour with flashes. It is a high waist pant, fitted at the hip to mark the figure and with an elephant leg drop, as is the trend this season. We combined it with a simple white blouse. It is ideal to complete the look with stiletto heels and cascading earrings or simply pearl type.

Party trousers for lady 2020

As we already told you at the beginning of this post, we will leave the red and black aside to show you new ideas and give a touch of originality this Christmas Eve.

Nuestra segunda propuesta para la noche más especial del año es un vestido largo en color azul, muy versátil, ya que podéis usarlo tanto en Nochebuena como en cualquier evento de tarde o noche este invierno. La parte superior nos recuerda a una blazer, corte recto con solapa y escote en uve. La parte inferior es de corte recto pero con abertura lateral por encima de la rodilla. Combinarlo con un fajín o cinturón ancho en color negro o plata será el colofón perfecto para este diseño.

Long party dress collection 2020

We hope you liked our proposals and we encourage you to visit our website www.nuribel.com where you will find our entire Fall Winter collection.

We’ll read about it next week with new designs. Have a great week!

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